While in a tandem sea kayak with Jill Powers, I skimmed just under the surface with my underwater housing. Later, while editing, I slowed the motion down to 25%. Filmed off Lovers Point, Pacific Grove, CA

A mother sea otter and her pup filmed in the Elkhorn Slough Estuary, Moss Landing, CA. She cracks open food either with her teeth or by pounding against a rock.

Red heels and the rhythm of the surf partner in an underwater ballet. A piquant note at the end.

A solitary seal goes from one rock to another, looking for buddies to hang out with.

One of many women's marches organized around Trump's inauguration. The city of Denver expected around 20,000 marchers--over 100,00 showed up.

My second Monterey Bay Aquarium doc. It begins with footage of the elusive red octopus and also includes several cuttlefish, its cephalopod cousins. Also featured: more languid jellyfish and a monstrous sunfish that easily outgrew its short name.

My first Monterey Bay Aquarium doc: many varieties of jellyfish, a sea turtle, delicate seahorses, and a huge lobster.

An installation of large Henry Moore pieces at the Denver Botanical Gardens. See my photo essay for more details of the sculptures.

A zestful troupe of Taiko drummers performing before a Peace Lanterns ceremony.

A sculpture at the Denver Botanic Gardens draws passersby and reflects calmness.

My camera (Sony RX100 mkI) in underwater housing records the rhythms of suspended flora in the surf.

Ode to a farmers' ditch with a mantle of snow in February.

A paraglider waltzes in the air over the Fort Ord beach.

A hot air balloon ride over farmland in northern Colorado.

Monterey County Fair captured with an iPhone and anamorphic lens (which stretches the aspect ratio of the frame for a more cinematic effect).

An annual peace ceremony in Pacific Grove held close to August 6, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Paper bags are decorated, mostly by children, then towed to sea as luminaria.

A memorial video featuring a surprising performance by a senior Deputy in the Boulder DA's office.

An ice and water pas de deux in a winter stream at Eldorado Springs State Park in Colorado.


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